Masai Mara Conservancy

We had to get out of Nairobi, it had become desperate. Masai Mara Conservancy called and we made good our escape. Half arsed attempt to keep it a secret from the totos, the secret was out when shopping for supplies. The excited squeals brought home the tragedy that we had let our camping lifestyle slip for a bit while being fully engaged in the rat race, and running ourselves ragged.

Our equipment was in a state from years of disuse but we gathered what we had together and headed for Narok. I did not even have shoes! Left in my sandals - it was that dire.

We left late, at noon, and dilly dallied at Oltalet Mall getting last minute supplies: Panga, blankets, wine cooler.... there is always room in the car. Once we left the B3 highway the tarmac ends some point on the C12 and your in for 80km corrugated shaky ride. It meant we got to the Serekenani Gate at 6.00pm. We renamed it Suck-kenani after our experience. The KWS ranger assured us that we would get to base Masai Mara Conservancy's Dirisha camp in one and a half hours. So we made haste.

Immediately, the Masai Mara presents to you animals the whole range. Immediately she boasts of what a great host she is to all the animals getting ready to hunker down for the night. Its incredible.

After two minutes in the dusk we made up our minds to find a camp to bed down and continue next day early.

Off to the Talek gate to Aruba camp for the night for a warm and genuine welcome ("Amay-may Staff" - Trip Advisor Review). Talek has an atm and fuel stop, fuel costs more per litre than in Nairobi. We were back on track by 7am sighted a pride of Lions, cheetah, thousands of wildebeest, antelope, hippos, giraffe, gazelle pure magic.

Purungat was a gate stop we made to pay park fees and get instructions to our base in the conservancy. It was a good point to stop and stretch our legs and get to hear about the goings on in the park.



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