I am basking in the glow of workshop-ness - the effective kind.

Fired up in my creativity to make freshly baked stories.

The workshop was called The World Within - conducted by Michael Zauner, M.A. Animation, Lecturer and Animation Professional from Germany. 2 weeks of learning, watching, writing and creating.

We were 5 participants from The Technical University of Kenya, 2 participants from Augsburg University of Applied Sciences. Check out the @ Maflosah Instagram posts for a decent shot of culture from this beautiful city.

Ndururu a nickname given by mother. Ndururu was a small coin it had value back then and was not easily available.

It was her term of endearment for me and my stature as last born in a family of six.

The Childhood memory is A journey in my head A journey of self discovery

I used to lie down at the end of the day on sidewalk, soak in the heat from the day and stare up into the dusk sky and dream. We lived in a gated university campus and who I am can be attributed to the spaces I played in. It was ideal to hop and skip on the train tracks that passed by at the back of house, run for what seemed like ages to the shooting range and pick up spent bullets, swim in to my childlike eyes humongous swimming pool and jump into the water from the scarily high diving boards - conquering my fears, realising my dreams.

December holidays were my folks packing the family into the Datsun car and heading for Musanda in Mumias district our rural home. The journey took six to eight hours and serves as a metaphor for the journey in my head the journey of self discovery.

One will travel and view - like the childhood trips upcountry to the rural area - TWO trials TWO achievements.

Introduction - from the back of a girls head a girl in school uniform, camera will travel on the braids like the trip up and down hills through straights and narrows a metaphor for the nature of growing up. Climax will be the two trials hiking and swimming and hiking frozen. Resolution will present as two achievements swimming action.

Voice Over

I want to weave beauty straight from my crown

Dedicating, composing, defining from my strands of hair

the story of who I am

Books came when the pattern and colour had formed

they caused affection in my head

I couldn’t but I can

I shouldn’t but I did

Affirmation, Peace For me

Wrought by me

By me

Working the exercises in the workshop, I would think of a story and jump into the camera movements the visual effects excited and anxious to start animating. Without working out the flow, the script, the structure without pacing myself. I am pacing myself with Ndururu and using my voice again.

That is my story.



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