Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Tomorrow 3rd December 2019 is my birthday. An apt time to commemorate this moment and have these gems of photographs of my Dad's Pops in Musanda, Wangaland up on my blog, Kuka in Mumias in a kanzu like I remember, seated just like Mums Dad in front of his Simba. These pictures would have been taken in the 60s.

Our clan name Nabakolwe. Kuka (Papa Anangwe) married my Kukhu (Mama Peris) his Manyala bride and settled in Musanda. My dad was second born and married Mum Melca Anyanga from Buchenya, Sabatia, Butere. Daughter of Namukhula Eshionzo and Eshisonyi Felister. They had six of us. Absalom, Ndiika, Anna, Jacquie, Gillian and yours truly.

Back in the day I looked like the cherub in the picture. Genes are strong. I believe that is my Aunt Mical.



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